Saturday, February 2, 2008

satan likes pork?

i havent had a bite of pork, well intentionally, in a long long time. even before i reverted to islam. i say intentionally because sometimes weve started to eat to discover that pork bits or flavoring or something had been added. or things like eating marshmallows with gelatin. that type of thing.

anyway, i never ate much pork anyway throughout my life. but my major downfall was bacon. i didnt do hams, pork chops and all that stuff but bacon? i could eat it at every meal!

but i put it behind me for the sake of God.

until thursday.........for the first time in a long long time, i actually looked at the bacon and CRAVED it!! i was at work and went through the breakfast line. i looked at the bacon and it looked so desirable!! i thought oh what the heck get some.............but i didnt. i fought the urge and was actually shocked at my thought!! then at lunch time, there were some veggies flavored with ham. again!! i thought wow that looks good just get some. but again i did not get it.

boy that satan must reallllyyyyy like pork to be pushing me to eat it too!!! it wasnt even me just desiring it, i actually didnt feel like i cared...that it was ok to have some.

well i left the pork for shaitan that day. audhu billahi minash shaitan nirajeem. hope he enjoyed it. greasy mouth and all.


  1. salaam

    yes we have to keep fighting cravings and urges to do satan's bidding..I think everyone has weak moments but as long as we recognize this and stop ourselves then we are doing a good job, just like during ramadan Im sure many people think about food and cant get their mind off of it, or have moments where we almost give in. Maybe a good idea is to have more days of fasting during the year if you find you are tempted by things like bacon or do things in excess

    wow I should follow my own advice lol

  2. you think I am ready to give khutbas yet? :D

    ....maybe not!

  3. right on the verge. youll be the best mz hijabi.

  4. Mesh'Allah your Iman is strong! I admire you for passing up the bacon and leaving it to Shaytan. We all have our temptations - thank you for sharing yours - it will Insha'Allah increase my Iman too.

  5. I never really thought about it when I was Muslim, but what is it about eating pork that is so bad? I don't think that God is going to punish us for what we eat, or what hand we use to eat with or what foot we use to go to the bathroom first with. To me it's more important to be a good person and treat others well.

    Of course you can do that and choose not to eat pork. I never ate pork during the 14 years I was Muslim. My kids aren't very used to it, but we all love bacon. I support what others feel they need to do/not do, but I don't believe in it anymore.

    To each his own.



  6. lol im not sure how strong my iman is but i appreciate you saying so. its actually the first time ive actually DESIRED bacon. seems like such a little thing but im sure it would lead me to desiring other things later.