Tuesday, January 15, 2008

why do diets make you want to eat the fridge?

so here i am. ive started a new diet. when i really put my mind to it i can lose weight. its not my favorite thing to do by any means because food is like an old friend to me. it doesnt kick you in the teeth when youre down. if youre lonely, its there for you. if youre sad, mad, happy, stupid. no matter what the emotion, its there to hold your hand!!!

think thats weird? maybe but thats how food is to a lifelong fatty!! yep thats me LLF. well the dealio is..ive gained 40 pounds in 2 years. the food at work (the hospital) is super fattening. they serve fried anything with loads of gravy. everything thats doesnt have gravy has cheese. then they add desert at the end. bread. sweet tea. thick fattening soups. nothing healthy at all.

then to make matters worse, i travel an hour each way so many times i whip through a drive through to grab either breakfast, supper or both!!

dear God. what a pig!!

anywho, i realized that all of my clothes were tight. fat roll hanging over the top of jeans. i cant stand it.

so i decided that i would really make a new years resolution and lose weight. i dont usually bother with resolutions cause they arent usually kept anyway. but its now or never. im getting older and dont want to be an old fat woman.

oh ill never be skinny. but i dont want rolls hanging over my waistbands. i dont want to round a corner and ppl see my stomach before they see my face!!

so ive been dieting. i eat healthy. snacking is my downfall so i have low fat, low sugar, low carb snacks.

so what is it about dieting that makes you want to eat everything you see and more? psychological i know! im trying to ignore that little voice in my head saying go ahead. get that burger.

gotta get rid of the fat roll. thats my new motto!! gonna get a bumpersticker with that on it!!!


  1. salaam

    i have to say I love food....i really love food. cant say it enough. Im lucky that i have had a relatively fast metabolism because i eat too much and know it. and i love bad food, greasy food, pizza, burgers etc etc. all my life i need the fatty foods or i am just not satisfied. but that good ol metabolism is slowing down in my 'old age' and i am gaining off and on. if i excersized regularily it would help but who loves to run on a treadmill?? not me.....but i have cut down on soda and am drinking much more water instead. i dont want to be skinny and bones but i know that over time weight can catch up to you lol and i weighed myself on the scale today out of curiosity and it was more than i expected. i might have to start eating healthy too sis and we can swap notes, but dont be so hard on yerself ok?

  2. yeah well im a chunk now!!! how can my husband stand it! thats my deal too, i like the greasy bad for you kinda stuff. not really into candy bars and all that. i want REAL food looooool

  3. I know just where you are coming from. Food never rejects you or calls you names or thinks you're fat. Even when I'm not depressed I eat!

    Good luck with your eating healthier! I would think a hospital would have healthy food.


  4. anisah no no no!!! they do have very small selections of so called healthy foods but its usually pitiful!! the cafeteria has the most fattening, gravy dripping, fat soaked, sodium laden foods you will encounter anywhere!!!!! my stomach always hurts after i eat at work!!!!!