Saturday, December 1, 2007

2nd day at the county jail

today i was the booking nurse. wow it was exciting really. i worked in the intake area...the first place the inmates come to after they get to the jail. i saw so many patients in all kinds of conditions. you know alot of the nurses try to talk down to them but i cant do that. my God they are in the worst shape, why do they need a nurse to belittle them too. i tried to take a few minutes with each one..find out why there there...what got them to that point. and then i got serious with you have a wife or why are doing this crap to them? put the bad stuff down and straighten yourself up for them if you cant even do it for yourself. they all said ok, but some of them cried when i talked to them this way.

i was sitting in a desk that was up a little high and sometimes i felt like judge judy or something. but it was a real opportunity that i dont always get in the hospital. to see people, not sick, but at their absolute worst..desperate, sad, hurting.

but those officers can really rough those guys up too. they dont take any bull from them. there was one time a guy was complaining of chest pain but it was a ploy to try to get out of there. when he found out it wasnt going to work, he got kinda hostile and they pointed their tazers at him WHILE I WAS STANDING BY HIM!!!!! i was like heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy let me move first please....again...dont taze me bro!! lol.

im going again tomorrow. booking nurse again. looking forward to it. inshallah even one word i say can make a difference to them.

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  1. salaam

    LOL @ 'don't taze me bro'! Hey, if you can help change someone there for the better then all the power to you madam judge :)