Friday, November 30, 2007

the sun comes up

sometimes thats it. the sun comes up. we get up. we do things. we go. we come. the sun goes down. we sleep. inshallah we wake up again and do the same mundane things again.

sometimes, you look back and wonder where your life went. why did you make the decisions you made. why did you marry the person you married. why did you take the job you have. why did you say something bad to a person. why you ignored a person. these are random thoughts as usual.

who cares.


  1. Salaam

    I ask myself those questions all the time. How life would be different if I had done such-and-such. I actually wish for mundane over what I have now, all I can do is pray for a better life, its all in Allah's (swt) hands.

  2. dreamweaver/franki57/karenDecember 1, 2007 at 2:42 AM

    hmmmm... someone said they didn't like to blog.. that it was too personal.. I guess you just meant in myspace. :)

    great blog jana.. interesting and your sense of humour shines through. I'll be sure to bookmark it so I can check in regularly.