Saturday, November 24, 2007

lets get started

alright, so where do i start?

im getting older so i thought i should do this. i know there are a million blogs on the net. ive always wondered why people were so vain that they thought that others would be interested in reading their thoughts. well, here is my vanity then.

i was born in alabama 45 years ago...youngest of 7. was always treated like a baby and still act like one at times. was married some time ago and had 4 children. the oldest, mark, is 21. pj is 18. chris is 17. brittany is 16. kylee has just turned 5. i had her with my current husband..hence the age span.

my mother is my only living parent. my father died from cancer when i was just 10. thats not a long time to have a parent is it? he was 47 at the time, and the closer i get to this age, the nearer i sense my own mortality. there are times that im sure that i will live only til my 47th year too. i start to wonder what will happen to my children if i die soon. i often ask my husband what will happen to the kids if i die, i ask the older kids to make sure that the younger ones are ok. to not let anything happen to them.

my second husband is from egypt. yeah a southern girl and an egyptian. he is younger than i am too but he acts older but most ppl do i think. he is a good husband and im not the best wife. i am faithful to him, i dont lie to him, i love him but im sure i could do more. he doesnt complain much.

how did i end up in georgia you ask? oh you didnt ask. anyway, i was trying to get away from the older kids dad. so one day, i literally closed my eyes and pointed to a map and told the older 4 kids that whichever city i touch..well thats where we're going. pointed to athens ga. and thats where we went. and we've been here for 10 years. and no i dont like athens. i did at one point, but i fantasize alot about living somewhere else.

anyway thats enough for now. might actually come back and write again. only God knows.

you can wake up now.


  1. Salaam

    I did not know that is why you moved to Georgia, I am always learning new things about you Jana!

  2. assalaamu alaikum sister jana
    i think i know you from somewhere :D