Saturday, March 16, 2013

nothing like a saturday morning!

it is the best feeling to wake up without an alarm clock and not have to go anywhere at all!!  the first thing i do is let the dogs out for their bathroom break then head to the coffee pot!

i come to my computer and play a couple of games on FB, read the news, look at the squirrels and birds outside, play with the dogs, listen to music......and pray that no one wakes up until at least noon!

silence is lovely on a saturday morning!

ive been thinking of returning to egypt, taking the youngest with me of course to visit with family there. it would be the first time  going there without my husband being with us. i think thats why ive postponed it for so long.

why wont he be going? because he is still here in the usa living on his own in seattle.  dont ask. i asked a million times and never received a valid answer. so i formed my own answers and went on about life.

we are still legally married, in case youre wondering.  i often wonder if we will ever end this union or if i will leave this earth still hooked to him.

God only knows. back to immature viewpoints and wondering about life.

amazing how some people are so settled yet people like me are forever wondering about life.

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