Saturday, November 21, 2009

can i tear up some paper or kick the door?

that is frustration at its finest!! you know, my job suffered over the past months due to the recession (yes nurses suffered too) so i took a new job in my town so that i wouldnt have to travel anymore and it was steady work.

ive been there nearly 3 months now and i feel like screaming for the hills. the job itself is not different than most that ive had. nursing work is nursing work. but the people i work with make me want to just get a check at the beginning of the month.

i should just say thank you God for giving me this job but the drama at work just isnt conducive to a peaceful work life.

the hours are so fantastic. monday through friday. 7-3 shift. weekends off. but the weekends grow shorter and shorter due to the dread i feel when i see monday approaching.

trying to think what to do to be honest. do i keept the wonderful hours but dreadful working conditions or go back to more unsteady work but peace of mind?


  1. Salam Alaikim--Well there's nothing worse than workplade drama. Unfortunately, some places have in more ingrained in their culture. I dunno. It's a hard one. When I first started at my job (i'm a nurse too) I pretty much despised about 50% of the nurses there. However, in the 3 years I've been there the attitudes have changed alot and it's over all a much more pleasant place to work. Of course, it's hospital work and there is a high turnover so the nurses I didn't like are all gone now. I suggest you start trying to find something with similar hours in a different place. It may take awhile, but you deserve the best of both worlds :)

  2. Hopefully you have resolved this by now, but I would have to say that the easiest way to end your issues is not take part in the drama. I go to work and wave at people as I pass by without talking to anyone unless they seek me out to talk to me. This stops any drama from happenning around me unless I bring the drama upon myself.

    Just my suggestion