Thursday, January 22, 2009

i cant help it...i love her!!

nahh, there is no juicy gossip here lol!!! the her in the title is this young thing...

my daughter named her midnight. she's a bit standoffish but i love her dearly. she tears my house up something awful. im never surprised to wake up and find a tube of toothpaste in the bed with me or to find her inside my bathroom cabinet tearing up all of the Qtips. but thats ok, she is endearing. you can throw something for her and she will chase it, find it and return it. during the day, she plays constantly. she hides around corners or in the laundry and waits for me. her eyes get huge in anticipation and my daughter calls them her "goggle" eyes ". but she doesnt just wait and run, no she waits, jumps up and actually hits you HARD with her paws then runs away. i feel certain she's laughing inside as she runs. when im praying, she attacks me constantly. she has pulled my hijab over my eyes more than once. ive decided she is a muslim cat too. she can be asleep in another part of the house but somehow senses im in the bedroom praying and inevitably shows up. when she wakes up in the morning, she comes to me sleepily and stands up with her paws against my legs, stretching. she wants me to pick her up and hug her. she stays there for a bit til she decides she's bored with me and then goes her own way. i keep a small stool by the kitchen counter. she likes to stand up on it with her paws on the counter to see what im doing. she's positive she is human.

but the best..i remember one day i was crying and i heard her making a small mewing noise. she was standing up on my leg and she crawled up to my lap. she smelled my lips, my eyes and my tears. she then put her head on my shoulder like she was comforting me.

if i had lost my home, i had nowhere for her to go and i was going to have to give her away. i was stressed out about it. i didnt even want to think about it because it made me so sad. when i discovered that i wouldnt have to leave, i grabbed her first and kissed her so hard. i was crying into her fur and she let me do it without biting me lol.

she's sitting in my lap now sleeping while i type. i cant help it...i love her.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    No shame in loving your kitty. There's a reason Allah (swt) made them halal to keep as pets - they really soothe the soul.

  2. They ARE addictive little monsters aren't they? LOL

  3. I have 2 cats, Simba and Luna. Simba is more playful. Like your kitty. He is a full-blooded Himalayan. Yours looks Simese which Himmies are descendended from. When I am sad Simba will come up to me and cry right along...and he loves to play games, mischevious and want not...I loved reading your story about your cat and it almost made me cry. Thanks for sharing your story! :^)

  4. I feel the same way about my 5 cats and worry about what will happen to them if I should have to move out or if something should happen to me.. so I know where you're coming from. Had sworn I'd not have pets again until my life was more stable but I couldn't help rescueing these ones as babies from their feral mothers.. and then I couldn't give them up once I had sort of socialized them as they are not really like typical domestic cats that everyone wants as pets.

    Anyway.. I love them and they love me.. unconditionally. And I can't say that for anyone else in my life other than my son.. so I know what you mean Jana.


  5. with eyes like that and a cuteness i would love her too. what a lovely name 'midnight' i like it.

  6. I love my furball as well. And she follows me through the house "hugging" each of my ankles in turn as I walk. She will also randomly walk by me, smack my leg with her paw, and go running away. I love my utta!

  7. Kitties are awesome!!!:) My kitty prays with me too!! My kitty that passed away last year use to sit and just stare and listen to the azan clock and then come and sit next to me as I prayed.