Friday, November 7, 2008

so painful that you just shut down emotionally.

have you ever done that? ever?

has something in your life ever created such a high level of pain and havoc that it closes your entire emotional system down?

im there now. im functional. but as far as feeling anything i dont. and i cant right now. numbness is welcome right about now.

oh its nothing new....its something thats been coming for a couple of months so i was semi prepared for it. but there are some things that no matter how brave you think you are? you just find out youre one big pile of weak old shyte.


  1. Jana

    Asalamu Alaikum sis...whatever it is, you are still in my duas... if anyone can get through it you can. You are one of the strongest people I know of..

  2. you know how some things just seems to snowball and no matter how you try to grab it, it just keeps rolling? oh boy, thats how i am and how this situation is. this has been one of the crappiest years ive experienced in a long long time.

  3. Who's buggin' you? I'll fix 'em.


  4. how do you know its not you???!!!

    ok so its not, but im still mad at you anyway...

    dont lose any sleep over it gregwah.

  5. ok so its not, but im still mad at you anyway...

    As soon as I entered adulthood I began assuming that everyone was mad at me as a matter of course. I've rarely been mistaken.