Friday, August 29, 2008

oh forgot to mention something important.

important. there are too many things in life that are important. but what i want to discuss now is my coffee.

yes my coffee. my delicious, hot, steamy cup of joe. its my best friend in the morning. oh yeah, we hang out during the day from time to time. but in the morning, its always there. close to my lips, making my heart race. my coffee. cream no sugar. mmmmmmmm

what? do i hear reverberations of "WTH is that lunatic talking about"? are you convinced that ive finally gone over the deep end?

no. not yet anyway. but i could be headed there.

you see, Ramadan is approaching. Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for muslims. we fast during daylight hours from food, drink, sex, cigarettes, even medicine (if it can be withheld safely or the times changed). all of this is not for a punishment but to learn to appreciate what others don't have. to, instead of gluttonizing ourselves, focus on Allah (who, in case you didnt know, is the same God of christians and jews) and hope we can get closer to Him.

its not like lent. no i dont have to give up anything. well yeah food and drink during the daylight hours is, ummm, difficult at best, but its only for a few hours each day.

but this year, at the request of someone dear to me who professes to be looking at my best interest, i will try not to drink coffee and coke zero during ramadan...point? to detoxify the body. to cleanse (you have to say this with a dignified air and prolong its pronunciation to make it work) my self.

strangely enough, this person seems to think i have an addiction to coffee.

what? an addiction to coffee?? MOI? i laugh at that thought. im sure i can do it with ease. yeah, umm sure.

but.....why now, then, am i sitting huddled here with my cup of hot delicious coffee. dont want to even put it down to type.

be back later...going to get a second cup.


  1. I have Pepsi in the fridge. :D

  2. hahahah I love coffee too