Friday, March 28, 2008


well alrighty. for those of you who havent caught on, my husband and i are muslims. muslims are not allowed to gamble and bingo is considered gambling to many. so where is my husband tonight? at the bingo hall..............with my mother!!

no he is not personally playing but my mother is a lifelong bingoholic!!! and for those of you who have been reading my blog, you know my mother is older and gotten very forgetful so she cant go alone now. so he went to sit beside her so that she can get out of the house and do something that is familiar to her.

i just called his cell phone and he told me that she had won 16 dollars lol. he is sitting patiently..i guess. could be impatiently lol.

why didnt i go? i used to when i was teen but couldnt stomach it now. sitting in the bingo hall with the huge variety of ppl smoking, drinking and yelling out "bingo bango bongo i dont wanna leave the congo".

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